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Renton School District

2020-2021 School Year Re-Opening Plan

June 19, 2020-Today is the last day of this school year, and while it’s been unique and challenging, together we rose to the task and made the best of an unprecedented situation. Much was expected of us all as we quickly moved to an exceptional learning model. Thank you to our students, families, community members, and staff for your hard work, patience, partnership, and support. 

Now, we’re thinking about what next year will look like. Based on conversations that Superintendent Damien Pattenaude is having with OSPI (the state education office) and Public Health—Seattle & King County, Renton School District is considering two different approaches for returning to in-person school options this fall.  Both are partial in-person models, and are subject to change as we continue our work with Department of Health officials. (In addition, we are considering a separate full-remote option for interested families.)

Both models are based on the following assumptions:

  • Student needs will drive our decisions, including students' special services.
  • Younger students have less ability to learn remotely and should be prioritized for in-person.
  • All students have needs for connection and belonging.
  • Health precautions for students and staff will follow all Department of Health guidelines.