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  • Welcome to Lakeridge

    Every year our school refines our school improvement plan (SIP).  Parent and guardian input is an important part of this process, and parents/guardians who wish to be involved are encouraged to be involved.

    At Lakeridge Elementary, we are committed to the success of each student and are focused on improving each student’s academic performance. We are optimistic about the future, and we hope you will join us in this important work. We encourage you to contact Susanna Alvarez, our Title I Parent Engagement Specialist, for any questions that you may have or if you wish to be involved in the above process.

    Cada año nuestra escuela refina nuestro plan de mejoramiento escolar (SIP). La participación de los padres y tutores es una parte importante de este proceso, y se anima a los padres / tutores que deseen participar a involucrarse. 

    En Lakeridge Elementary, estamos comprometidos con el éxito de cada estudiante y nos enfocamos en mejorar el desempeño académico de cada estudiante. Estamos optimistas sobre el futuro y esperamos que se unan con nosotros a esta labor importante. Le recomendamos que se ponga en contacto con Susanna Alvarez, our Title I Parent Engagement Specialist, para cualquier pregunta que pueda tener o si desea participar en el proceso escrito.

    A Sound Discipline Performing School
    (Making connections that matter)

    Growing Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful Students  

Summer Info

  • Summer is here!

    The summer is a great time for families to learn and grow together. Our community has many resources including the Skyway Library which host opportunities throughout the summer. Some other ideas are:

    - Reading each night with your child for at least 20 minutes.

    - Practicing math in everyday situations (telling time, counting money, measuring for recipes, etc.)

    - Taking nature walks around your neighborhood

    - Also see Peachjar flyers for information about summer camps, summer lunch programs and more.

    We appreciate your continued support as a community. Together we can do so much! I look forward to our continued partnership in the coming years.

    Enjoy your summer and be sure to mark your calendars for our August Meet and Greet event on August 23rd at 5pm!

     Mrs. Thompson


    Other dates:

    School starts on August 29th! Kindergartners start on September 4th.

    The office will be open about August 10 - limited hours. 

    Watch for more information about what's happening!

  • Safety & Security Hot Line (24 hrs): 425.204.2468

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