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Renton School District

Leaves of Absence & Accommodations

The Renton School District supports employees who may need an extended time off from work or an accommodation in the workplace due to medical or non-medical reasons. 

Leaves of Absence

Employees must complete the Leave of Absence Request Form to begin the process.
  • The form must be complete and returned to Human Resources at least 30-days before the leave begins for a foreseeable event such as the birth or placement of a child or a planned surgery.
  • If the need for leave is unforeseeable, like an accident or sudden illness, employees must provide notice as soon as is practical.
Employees have access to Medical and Non-Medical Leaves of Absence. Please see the drop-down menus at the bottom of this pate for additional information on both leave options. 

Click here to access the Leave of Absence Request Form


disability accommodations 

Employees who believe that a medical condition is affecting their ability to perform their job may want to begin the process of requesting an accommodation. Accommodations are provided on an individual basis and created in collaboration with the requesting employee and appropriate District personnel.

Employees may need to complete the following forms as a part of the request for accommodation: 

  • Accommodation Request Form
  • Health Care Provider Inquiry Form

Click here to access the Accommodation Request Form 


Medical Leaves of Absence

Contact Leaves of Absence & Accommodations