• Important Information about Attendance

    Regular and punctual attendance is extremely important to your child's
    success in school. We encourage you to help your child develop these good
    habits. However, when absences or late arrivals are necessary you need to call
    the attendance line at (425)204-4560 or email Hazelwoodattendance@rentonschools.us
    to verify the absence before 9:00 AM or you will receive a call from School
    Messenger requesting that you verify the absence. The Renton School District
    policy allows up to 48 hours after a student has returned from an absence to
    excuse the absence. An absence cannot be excused after this 48 hour period and
    will remain on your child's record as an unexcused absence.

    Excused absences include: illness or health condition, medical appointment,
    legal appointment, family emergency, religious observation, school-approved
    activity, or disciplinary action. To request approval of a leave of absence for
    any other reason you must complete the Leave of Absence Request form available
    in our office at least 48 hours prior to the date of the absence. The principal
    must approve the leave in order for it to be an excused absence. The impact of
    the leave on the child's education will be the main consideration for these


    A student who arrives after 8:35 A.M. Monday through Thursday and after 10:05
    A.M. on late start Fridays is tardy and must report to the office for an admit
    sticker. If we do not receive a morning call, we will attempt to reach you to
    verify your child's whereabouts; this verification call if for your child's

    We appreciate your efforts to keep us informed!