• ASB (Associated Student Body) activities encompass all student activities at Renton High School. This includes athletics, clubs, and student council.

    ASB Advisor: Christina Neuschwander, Jessica DiAsio
    ASB Bookkeeper: Romeo Wheeler
    ASB Vice-principal: Corey Eichner
    Athletics Vice-Principal: Aleta Konkol

    A Cappella Council – Advisor Jerry Lim
    This is a class, that meets during regularly scheduled class time. To join, please contact your counselor.

    African Association – Advisor Gazalle Willecke
    Where you can learn about African history and the different cultures of Africa.
    Meetings are the first and last Fridays of the month in room 344 at 2:30

    Ambassadors - Advisor Jessica DiAsio

    Art Club - Advisor Emily Squire

    Badminton Club – Advisor Michaela Clark

    Band - Advisor Darlene Rose
    This is a class that meets during the regular school day. To sign up, please see your counselor

    Black Student Union (BSU) – Advisor Marvice Thornton
    Meeting times: Thursdays at 2:30 in room 211 providing education for those who need it

    DECA – Advisor John Devlin

    Drama Club – Advisor Sara Khelghatian
    An inclusive group of fun-loving people ready to experience new things together. We can help with
    introversion, stage fright, or even loneliness! Join us every week and get to know more about us!
    Meetings: Fridays at 2:15 in room 347

    Educators Rising – Advisor Carla Smith
    This club is designed for students who want to eventually work in the school system as an educator
    or other professional. This is also a class, so you will need to sign up through your counselor.
    Meetings: 1st and 4th Tuesdays of the month in room 238

    Essence of Renton – Advisor Lauren Hasson
    This is the culinary and catering club. Anyone is welcome to join, but you must be willing to work and not
    just eat. =)
    Meeting times vary depending on scheduled catering events

    Filipino Club - Advisor Rosemary Shaw

    Gardening Club - Advisor Sarah Louie

    Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) – Advisor Joe Bento
    A group of diverse people willing to talk about the tough stuff without judgment. We participate in a wide
    range of inclusive activities that deal with issues facing LGBT+ youth
    Meetings: alternate Mondays at 2:15 in room 131

    Green Team – Advisor Dylan Okimoto

    HOSA - Advisor Kiri Arndt

    Indigenous Club - Advisor Rosemary Shaw

    Jazz Band Club - Advisor Teri Barlow

    Journalism (Arrow) - Advisor Jessica DiAsio
    This is a class that meets during the regular school day. To sign up, please see your counselor

    Key Club – Advisor Jessica Hespelt
    An international, student-led organization that volunteers with the community as well as teaching
    students how to become better leaders
    Meetings: Wednesdays at 2:15 in room 325

    KPop Club - Advisor Lauren Hasson and Sandi Tunis

    Latino Student Union (LSU) – Advisor Manu Diaz-Ordaz
    We advocate for the Latino community at Renton High School. We strive to make a safe place,
    comfortable place, a family aspect for all students at RHS.
    Meetings: Tuesdays at 2:15 in rm 230

    National Honor Society (NHS) – Advisor Jeff Heft
    We recognize academic excellence and are also involved in community service. We go to events as a
    group and just have fun. We also help meet required service hours
    Meetings: Tuesdays in room 311

    Orchestra Club – Advisor Darlene Rose
    This is a class, that meets during the regular school day. To join, please contact your counselor.

    Pacific Islander Club - Advisor Rosemary Shaw

    Poetry Club – Advisor Gazalle Willecke
    A spoken word club that is unapologetic about our words, poems, and voices speaking out
    Meetings: Alternate Mondays at 2:10 in room 344

    Polynesian Club - Advisor Rosemary Shaw

    Psychology Club - Advisor Joe Bento

    Relay for Life - Advisor Jessica Hespelt

    Renton Peer Mentors - Advisor Lurline Keopanya

    Robotics - Advisor Bill Rahr

    Science Club – Advisor Joel Parrelli

    Social Justice Club – Advisor Annie Fox

    Tri-M Music Society - Advisors Jerry Lim and Darlene Rose

    Yearbook (Illahee) - Advisor LeeAnne Soule
    This is a class that meets during the regular school day. To sign up, please see your counselor

    Yoga Club - Advisor Lisa Vaughan

    Other non-club student activities:
    Fall Sports
    Girls Soccer
    Boys tennis
    Cross country
    Girls Swim
    Winter Sports
    Boys swimming
    Spring Sports
    Girls tennis
    Boys soccer

    For athletic information, please see the Athletics tab on this website or contact the main office (425-204-3401)