Kindergarten Supply List

    • Backpack - with child’s name written on it.
    • Earbuds - with child's name on it
    • Crayons - 2 boxes of 24 regular size, basic colors, prefer Crayola® 
    • 2 packages of washable markers
    • 1 pair of Fiskar® style scissors
    • 2 boxes of #2 Pencils
    • 12 large glue sticks (no colored or sparkly glue)
    • 1 ream of copy paper
    • 2 family size boxes of facial tissue
    • 1 container of antibacterial wipes
    • 1 box of gallon size zip-top baggies
    • 1 box sandwich size zip-top baggies
    • 1 box snack size zip-top baggies
    • 1 package of napkins
    • 2 large bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 1 box of classroom size healthy snacks each month

    The above items, with the exception of a backpack & earbuds, will be shared in the classroom supply.

    Special Ed Students purchase grade level supplies.


    Kindergarten Snack Suggestions

    We love receiving donations of healthy snacks for our classrooms.  Here is a list of suggested items you can donate throughout the school year.  Most classes average 24 students per class, so please keep that in mind when you purchase snacks.  Bags or bulk items are the best for teachers.  Please don’t send items that need to be individually unwrapped.

    • Crackers
    • Animal crackers
    • Fish crackers
    • Pretzels
    • Graham Crackers
    • Ritz Crackers
    • Cheese-its
    • Wheat crackers

    (Due to allergies, please do not send anything containing nuts.)