Recycling and Energy Tips

    • Turn off the lights! (when everyone has left the room) Even auto-off lights are still drawing energy as they "watch" for movement.
    • Turn off your computer overnight.
    • Unplug chargers and small appliances when you are not using them.
    • If you live in Renton, there are 2 Recycle days each year - to take household goods, plastic bags and styrofoam blocks, and other household materials (wood, metal...). Check the City of Renton website for more information.
    • You can also check King County's What Do I Do With? for ways to recycle even more items.


King County Green Schools Level 2

Talbot Hill is a Level 2 Green School!

  • Level 1 focused on the 4 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Rethink and Recycle. We started a recycling program in the lunchroom to encourage our students to think about the waste they were generating in their lunches, and channel the recyclable parts into the recycle stream, instead of just throwing it all away. We also made sure each classroom has a recycle bin and a Terracycle bin that are each labeled with what belongs in each bin. We started a Terracyle program - we collect items like cereal bags, Capri Sun pouches, pens, mechanical pencils... send them in for recycling and we receive money back for them!

    Level 2 focused on energy conservation - finding ways to reduce our use of energy. Within our school we are implementing many of these reductions, and we'll post tips here to help you reduce your use of energy at home! We also have been awarded an Energy Star.

    Thank you to Mrs. Kalnick, the Green Team and Student Government for creating the tips and encouraging our students to follow energy conservation tips.

    Unfortunately, Mrs. Kalnick is no longer coordinating our Green Team, our recycling and composting efforts. So our Terracycle program will be ending, along with many of our recycling efforts. If you would like to continue our Green School efforts, please contact Talbot Hill.

    King County Green School Program 

TerraCycle - a way to recycle some of those "other" things!

  • Talbot Hill has been designated a King County Green School - Level 1 & 2 - which means that we had learned and practiced the 4 R's - Rethink, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle as well as finding ways to conserve energy!

    We have used a program called TerraCycle - which helped us recycle some of those "other" things that don't go into the recycle bins at the curb. But this program is reducing the items that it will recycle, plus they are increasing the upfront costs (we would need to pay for a drop box first). 

    So we will no longer be doing TerraCycle or recycling aluminum cans. Mrs. Kalnick used to coordinate our Terracycle and our recycling efforts - but she is no longer be doing that.

    If you are into recycling, our recycling efforts could use your help to continue! We need someone to coordinate our Green Teams!