Important Safety Information

  • We have made a few changes to our routines in order to improve our supervision of students, better monitor visitors to our school, and streamline our procedures. These changes are a response to a district-wide safety review, as well as to feedback from many of you regarding drop-off and pick-up times.

    If you are visiting the school, always check into the main office first.

    If you need to go anywhere in the school for any reason, please sign in and wear your volunteer badge or a 
    visitor sticker badge. This includes dropping off items at classrooms for the food drive, 
    attending classroom events, and so forth.

    In the morning, please allow your students to enter the school by themselves at the 
    front door.

    If you prefer to walk with them, you may escort them around the building to 
    the playground following the same route that bus riders take. Of course, if you have school 
    business to take care of, you are welcome to visit the office, too.

    At the end of the day, please wait for your students outside of the school rather than 
    inside the lobby.

    I recommend you identify a spot with your students where you will wait 
    for them so that they know where to find you. (For a less congested area, you may meet 
    your students on the playground if you prefer.) As with the morning, you are welcome to 
    visit the office after school if needed.

    Thank you for your cooperation. As I have mentioned previously, if you have 
    additional feedback about safety, supervision, or school routines, feel free to contact me at 425-
    204-4700 or My ongoing goal is to maintain our warm Kodiak 
    welcome while also ensuring safety, supervision, and a smooth operation of the school day.

    John Schmitz