Battle of the Books

  • Dear Fourth and Fifth Grade Families,

    Sierra Heights Elementary has officially started the 2016 Battle of the Books, a trivia game focused on books. All fourth and fifth grade students have been given information during their weekly library class about preparing for the battles. There are multiple copies of this year's battle books that will be available for checkout from the Sierra Heights Library, and students will be given the opportunity to sign up for them. Participating students will be responsible for reading four of the titles on the list. Working together as a team, the goal is to have all sixteen of the books read before the battles begin. The Battle of the Books is a terrific way for students to read great stories and complete to show their understanding of the books read.

    It's also a lot of fun!!

    In January, students will form classroom teams consisting of four students. If some students are not able to form a team, they can let me know and we will help form some teams. the students will determine which books they may still need to read, based on input from their teammates, to ensure that all books on the reading list have been read by their team. These teams will compete by class in march, answering questions about each of the books from the list. Next, the winning classroom teams will compete within their grade level. At the end of this second round of competition, we will have one winning team from both fourth and fifth grade. These teams will then compete to determine the Sierra Heights Championship team. This winning Sierra Heights team will then go on to compete against other Renton elementary school winning teams. GO SIERRA!!!

    The reading list has been included for your information and to assist you if you would like to help your student find some of these books at the public library.

    Thank you for your support.
    Jean Boley
    Sierra Heights Elementary

Book List 2017