Dream, Believe, Achieve - Guiding Principals

  • Renton Academy is a unique K-12 school providing special education services to students in the Renton School District. We offer alternative ways to access education, providing each student an individualized education and behavioral plan. We believe that learning can occur at any time and during any activity, which is why we find creative ways to engage our students. Opening its’ doors in 2006, Renton Academy embraces the Re-EDucation philosophy originally conceived by Nicholas Hobbs. This philosophy is defined by twelve principles which the faculty uses to guide all decision making.

    Renton Academy’s Twelve Guiding Principles

    1. Life is to be lived now.

    2. Trust between child and adult is essential.

    3. Competence makes a difference.

    4. Time is an ally.

    5. Self-control can be learned.

    6. Intelligence can be taught.

    7. Feelings should be nurtured.

    8. The group is very important.

    9. Ceremony and ritual give order.

    10. The body is the armature of the self.

    11. Communities are important.

    12. A child should know joy in each day.