Fall Athletics

  • Athletic Registration/Clearance

    The parent/guardian should be the one who registers the athlete through FamilyID. The system keeps track of their information for use during future sport season registrations.

    Parent/Athlete Step-by-Step Athletic Registration Instructions:

    1. Go to https://www.familyid.com/hazen-high-school
    2. To create a new account click "Sign Up" (top right corner of page).
    3. Click “Sign up as a Family or Individual”.
    4. Complete the registration questions, then click the “I agree” statement and click "Sign Up".
    5. Once your registration is completed you will receive an email confirmation from registrations@familyid.com
    6. Log into Hazen’s FamilyID webpage (https://www.familyid.com/hazen-high-school)and select “2018 Spring Athletic Registration” (under our team pictures).
    7. Complete the FamilyID online registration and click the “Save & Continue” button.
    8. Review the Registration Details and click “Confirm Registration”
    9. Review Payment description and click “I Agree-Confirm My Registration”. ” JUST “CONFIRM” THRU THE PAYMENT PART. YOU WILL NOT PAY THROUGH THE FAMILY ID WEBSITE!!
    10. Once your Registration is confirmed you will receive an email confirmation. Only then will you know it’s complete.
    11. Pay ASB and Athletic Participation Fees either at the ASB office when you get your check off list or online at https://payments.rentonschools.us/
    12. Starting Jan. 30th, you can stop by the ASB office and pick up the “Athletic Clearance Checklist” which verifies all fines and fees have been paid. You cannot clear if you have detention hours or fines.
    13. You can turn in the completed “Athletic Clearance Checklist” and Physical Examination Form to the Athletic Office during lunch and after school until 2:30pm starting Jan. 30th. You must be cleared by Feb. 15th to attend the first practice which is Feb. 26th You cannot practice the same day you clear starting Feb. 26th.


    **Athletes may not attend or participate in practice until all 13 steps are completed and the athletic office reviews and clears athletes for practice participation**

    For questions, please contact Vicki Olson (Admin Asst. Athletics)
    vicki.olson@rentonschools.us ~ 425-204-4250