Talbot Hill Educational Trust (THET)

  • THET supports the MicroSociety here at Talbot Hill Elementary.

    MicroSociety engages our students through real-life learning experiences as they apply what they are learning in their classrooms to student-run businesses, government service and other functions in a community. Field trips for every Micro organization, extra staffing and materials for our Marketplaces are funded solely by THET. Donations are used to directly support our MicroSociety! THET is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) and your donation may be tax deductible—consult with your tax advisor for additional information.

    For more information about THET, including making donations to THET or applying for Board membership, please go to www.TalbotHillMicro.org or contact THET at TalbotHillMicro@gmail.com

    In addition to providing fund raising support, the Board also seeks out community support (mentors and school-to-work connections) for the MicroSociety Program.

    The current Board Members are:

    • Sharon Chilenski - Staff at Talbot Hill
    • Lisa Guild - Parent & community member
    • Melissa McDowell - Parent & 5th Grade Teacher at Talbot Hill
    • Kayla Guild-Taylor - Student Alumna
    • Isaac Elliot - Student Alumna
    • Sally Boni - MicroSociety Program Facilitator
    • Gerri Goss - Teacher at Talbot Hill
    • Lisa Petek - Parent & community member