Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may ride bicycles to school. Bike riders must have parental permission to ride to school. The "RENTON PARK ELEMENTARY BICYCLE RULES AND REGISTRATION" form must be completed and returned to the office (See form below).  All bicycles must be parked in the bike rack and individually locked.  No sharing of locks.  Students are required to wear a helmet. Students whose bikes were registered last year must re-register this year. All bikes must be walked while in crosswalks and on school property. For the safety of all our children, we reserve the right to revoke riding and skating privileges if rules are not followed.  Renton School District is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen property.

    Here is the form:  Bicycle Permission Form


    A note must be brought to the office and a pass issued (from the office) as early as possible if a student is to ride the bus or depart at a stop that is not the usual departure point. Pets, glass containers and oversized objects are not allowed on the bus. Further bus rider information will be distributed at the beginning of the school year.  If you need to contact transportation call 425-204-4455 or see Transportation Services.


    •  When students are waiting for the bus, they should be orderly.
    •  When boarding the bus they should form a single line and not shove or push as they get on so no one will be injured.
    •  While riding the bus, they should follow the directions of the driver quickly and willingly.
    •  Students are to remain in their seats facing forward while riding the bus.
    •  No glass containers, animals or plants (living or not) are allowed on the bus.
    •  Keep hands, arms and head inside the bus at all times.
    •  Discipline referrals (with possible loss of riding privileges) will be issued for inappropriate behavior while waiting for or riding on the bus.
    •  A pass will be issued by the office if a student is to ride a different bus or depart at a stop that is not the usual departure point.  Parents are requested to send a note with their child explaining changes in their child's daily bus riding procedures.



    Be sure to go over the following guidelines with your child:

    •  Go directly to and from school.
    •  Cross the street at crosswalks with the safety patrol, in a crosswalk or at corners.
    •  Never walk or run between cars parked on the street.
    •  Walk on the side of the street FACING traffic.
    •  Do not speak with or accept rides, candy or anything from strangers.
    •  Do not provide directions to a stranger.
    •  If your child is bothered on the way to or from school, notify the office staff immediately.
    •  Make sure the way to school is the safest way.
    •  Look up and down the street and around the corner, and then listen for cars before crossing.