Special Programs at Renton Park

  • Counselor

    The school counselor works directly with students, conducts guidance lessons, consults with parents, teachers and other professionals, and coordinates student services in the school and in the community.  Students may refer themselves or staff or parents may make referrals to the counselor for assistance with a particular concern such as friendship issues, family changes, grief, and/or managing emotions, such as anger.  Our counselor is available Monday and Wednesdays and may be reached at (425) 204-2964.

    Discovery Program

    Discovery Program is an alternative program for highly capable students. Students recommended by teachers and/or parents are tested. Talbot Hill Elementary provides this program for qualified students in grades 3-5 from the Lindbergh and Renton Service areas. Application forms are available in the office. Forms must be submitted by December 1. For more information, contact (425) 204-2410.


    General Music Programs provide experiences for all students in grades one through five, primarily in singing, rhythm activities, music concepts, and performance skills. In addition to developing an appreciation of music, participation in music can also be helpful in reaffirming some essential traits of character such as initiative, self-reliance and cooperative effort. A substantial feeling of achievement is realized through performing in concerts and festivals.


    TITLE I provides direct instruction in the area of reading for students needing additional help. This instruction is in addition to the reading instruction by the classroom teacher and is designed to provide the students with skills to "catch up" to other students in their grade level and succeed within the regular classroom. Students are identified by their classroom teacher and by standardized tests.


    The Renton Park School Library supports classroom instruction and provides books for students' recreational reading.  Each class visits the library once a week for instruction in using resources and to check out books.  Students are responsible for returning books in good condition.  All library books must be returned before the end of the school year.  Students who have not returned library books or paid the fines may miss out on end-of-the-year activities and/or not receive their report card.  Students may search the automated catalog at home as well as at school at the Renton Park School Library.

    Evaluation Team

    Our Evaluation Team is a team of professionals meetings weekly to clarify and respond to students’ academic and behavioral needs. The team consists of the principal, special education teachers, school psychologist, nurse, counselor, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapists, and classroom teachers. When building staff have made several attempts to respond to a student’s need and feel additional support is necessary, the concerns will be addressed at the Evaluation Team meeting. Parents are encouraged to be a part of this problem-solving process.

    As a part of the "Special Education Procedural Safeguards Due Process Procedures for Parents and Children", "If parents request the opportunity to attend a Evaluation Team meeting, they shall be granted this opportunity. Scheduling of the Evaluation Team meeting shall be at the discretion of the school district or other public agency. Upon request, the district or other public agency shall notify the parent(s) of the time and place of the Evaluation Team meetings. These provisions apply to all Evaluation Team meetings conducted by the district or other public agency, including those resulting from initial evaluations and re-evaluations."

    Physical Education

    Physical Education Programs are offered to all students in full day kindergarten through grade five. The curriculum includes team and individual sports skills, dance, physical fitness, as well as promoting a life-long desire for fun and fitness.

    Resource Room

    Resource Room (STEPS) provides assistance to students with learning disabilities in one or more of specific skill areas (reading, written language, behavior and/or math). Once a student is identified, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is designed to meet needs in academic and/or behavioral areas in which the student qualifies. Students are assessed yearly to measure their success in meeting IEP goals and objectives.


    Our School Nurse is in the building about twice a week. She is responsible for maintaining accurate health and immunization records on all children, counseling with parents of children with health needs, conditions, yearly vision and hearing screenings and caring for the needs of the children in the clinic.  If you have any questions, please call (425) 204-2952.


    School Psychologist services are provided by a certified school psychologist. The school psychologist serves as part of the Evaluation Team. Once students have been referred to the team, the school psychologist may screen and test students, as well as assist in developing individualized academic and behavior plans.  If you have any questions, please call (425) 204-2962.

    Speech and Language Pathologist

    Speech and Language Pathologist works to identify children with speech, hearing, and communications (language) problems. Per qualification standards, this teacher sees students each week to reduce or eliminate their communication challenges.  If you have any questions, please call (425) 204-2963.