Attendance Policies


    Regular and punctual attendance is extremely important to your child’s success in school. We encourage you to help your child develop these good habits. Attendance is directly related to academic performance. However, when absences or late arrivals are necessary, please do the following:

              Call us before 8:30 a.m. to let us know about your student's absence.  A short message giving the student’s name, teacher, date of absence, the reason for their absence and who is calling is all that is necessary.  You may leave a message on the attendance line at 425.204.2960 at any time. 

              Send a note explaining the reason for the absence or late arrival upon the child's return, include the dates involved. 

              If you want homework for your child, please make this request when you call in the morning and then arrange to pick it up after school or have it brought home with another child. This will give the teacher time to get everything ready.

    If we do not receive a morning call, you will receive an automated message.  This verification call is for your child's protection, as well as required by the Becca Bill.  We will appreciate your efforts to keep us informed. 


    It is important, if a student arrives after the tardy bell at 8:35, that they come into the office and sign-in to prevent them from being marked absent.   A student who has been at an appointment should bring in a note from the doctor, dentist or parent to give to the office excusing the tardy.


    If a student will be gone for 5 or more days, an Extended Absence Permission/Contract must filled out by the teacher and signed by a parent.  All school work must be completed and returned to the child's teacher upon return to school in order for absences to be excused.