2nd Semester Finals Schedule


Second semester final exams are scheduled for Monday June 19 - Wednesday 21st. On these three days, all students will arrive to school by 9:30 am and report to third period for a 30 minute study period. This late start is provided so that students will be well rested before taking their final exams. Two tests will be administered each day.

If your student rides a bus, please know that students were told by their bus driver Monday afternoon what time to arrive at their bus stop in the morning. It will be about 2 hours later than usual. 

Time Activity
9:30-10:00 Study Period
10:05-11:45 Test Session 1
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:20-2:03 Test Session 2
Date Periods
Monday, June 19 Periods 5 & 6
Tuesday, June 20 Periods 3 & 4
Wednesday, June 21 Periods 1 & 2