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Note from the Principal

Happy 2018! I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful (and cold!) weather and have had time to relax during Winter Break.  I know it was hard for me to set the alarm clock again but I am glad to be back at school!

As we head into the next several months of school I wanted remind families that your child’s attendance at school is important.  Research shows that there is a clear connection between a student’s academic success and consistent school attendance.  Student must be at school to be engaged and participate in the learning.  We know there are many reasons that students are absent from school, however regular attendance (including being on time each day) is a critical factor to your child’s success.

Below are a couple of suggestions to encourage your child to be successful learners at school:
·       Prepare for school the night before (pack lunches and lay out clothes for the next day)
·       Set an alarm to make sure your family gets up on time
·       Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep (research suggests at least 10 hours of sleep for children 12 and under)

Thank you in advance to make sure your child comes to school each day ready to learn.

Holly Megan Thompson

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