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Mrs. Nicole O'Brien


Dear Kodiak Families, 


While it surely doesn’t feel like it, the calendar tells me that we are getting ready to tie up this school year in just a couple of months! As I begin to reflect on the successes and challenges of the school year, I think of the many one on one conversations I have had with students, families and staff. The power of the conversation can’t be understated. As a staff, we have spent time together learning about how to have conversations, particularly difficult ones. The willingness to have honest conversations that seek to understand is such a strength within our school community. In speaking with students, often about challenges, the conversation is the place where we move forward in identifying what the difficulty was and how to move forward in a positive way. These learning conversations assume positive intent and seek to understand the student’s perspective.

I hope that you feel invited to talk with us as partners in your child’s growth, development and education. Last month, we hosted “Pasta with the Principals” in hopes of providing an opportunity for folks to voice questions, concerns and perceptions. We had conversations about safety, equity and about general perceptions of the school. These are powerful insights for us to have as we make decisions for our school.

Over Spring Break, I read an article about an MIT study touting the positive effects of back and forth conversation between families and their children. If you are interested, check it out: “Back and Forth Exchanges Boosts Children’s Brain Response to Language”. The power of conversation is universal!

In Partnership,