Mrs. Nicole O'Brien



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Mrs. Nicole O'Brien

Dear Kodiak Families, 

Spring is in the air! We typically see lots of excitement and energy as students anticipate summer break. As the excitement ramps up, students sometimes need more reminders to make good choices and follow our P.A.W.S. We feel incredibly lucky to serve families that are supportive of our efforts to correct and teach positive behavior. At the district level, we have recently hired a new Director of Student Support who is leading the way with regards to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). This work not only informs the way we manage behavior at school, but also helps us to be pro-active in teaching appropriate behavior. You may hear us speak about teaching students appropriate behavior when they make mistakes. Consequences still play an important role in our system and we are being very intentional about teaching replacement behaviors/new strategies for problem solving. Please visit the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Education Student Support Information to learn more!


In Partnership, 

Nikki O'Brien

Lead Learner (Principal)