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Lindbergh High School Vision Statement

  • Curriculum

    Lindbergh High School promotes intellectual curiosity and inspires students to apply learning. We clearly articulate and monitor student outcomes.  We:

    • Integrate life skills into academic c
    • Use data driven, comprehensive and challenging curriculum.
    • Directly link curriculum to CCSS, NGSS.
    • Provide authentic, ongoing assessment of student learning. Formative and Summative 

    School Personnel 

    Lindbergh High School recruits and retains skilled professionals with expertise in their fields and supports their professional growth.  At Lindbergh, staff members: 

    • Support and demonstrate the five core values of the EAGLE Way (Responsibility, Respect, Effort, Kindness, Honesty).
    • Develop and nurture collaborative, respectful interpersonal relationships on staff.
    • Develop instructional skills by following professional growth plans. Monitoring of PRP 


    The effectiveness of Lindbergh High School is assessed by the conduct, character, and achievement of its students. Lindbergh students: 

    • Accept responsibility for learning, decisions and ac
    • Commit to the five core values of the EAGLE Way (Responsibility, Respect, Effort, Kindness, Honesty). Recognition through EAGLE flight tickets
    • Actively engage in rigorous academic courses and school activities.
    • Develop as self-motivated lea
    • Participate and contribute positively to school and community Service orgs.
    • Display mutual respect between staff and peers, and work effectively in collaborative g
    • Build a safe and orderly atmosphere and ensure the rights of others.

    School Climate 

    Lindbergh High School promotes effective learning. Our school is committed to fostering an environment that: 

    • Is emotionally and physically sa
    • Is friendly and welcoming.
    • Promotes a sense of belonging.
    • Promotes treating individuals with dignity and respect.
    • Promotes communication between students, staff, administrators and the School Board.
    • Recognizes individual and group effort and achievement. Victory Bell
    • Uses well-maintained facilities that meet student, staff and community needs.
    • Promotes school pride. 

    Community Relations 

    Lindbergh High School establishes welcoming, cooperative relationships with our families, businesses, community organizations and other schools. To develop community pride in and ownership of Lindbergh, we: 

    • Partner with businesses to directly connect school and the workplace.
    • Communicate accurate information and solicit feedbac
    • Promote community participation.
    • Provide community access to school resources and facilities.
    • Communicate with peer schools and institutions of higher education.