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Renton School District

School Bus Stop Locator

Find your 2018-19 Bus Information

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This school locator/school bus route locator webpage is a new website for the district. We actively update new bus stop and address information on a daily basis to ensure information that this site is accurate and up to date. If you do not see your school/bus route information on the website, please check back periodically.

For more information about school bus routes, please contact our Transportation Office at 425-204-4455.

School Bus Stop Locator Tips:

  • Use the Advanced Search option found on the top left corner of the School Locator website (Do not use the Simple Search if possible). This will produce the best results.
  • Make sure to check whether the address you will be searching is assigned to the correct school. To do this, only enter a grade and a home address.
  • To verify bus route information after you are certain that your home address is assigned to the correct school, go to Advanced Search and enter the grade, school, program, and home address.
  • If the locator says "You do not ride" it means you are within that 1 mile radius of your designated school and therefore are not eligible for transportation.