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Renton School District

Renton Technology Coordinating Council

The role of RTCC

  • Assist in development and approve the District Technology Plan which guides district activities including expenditure of bond and general funds in support of technology.  
  • Consider, review and recommend policies and procedures related to technology use.  
  • Provide a forum for coordination of the activities of the technology subcommittees including:
    • Instructional Technology
    • Web Development,
    • Library Technology
    • Operations/Engineering
    • Administrative Technology
  • Assure that technology decisions maximize student performance and achievement.

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

RTCC Membership and By-Laws

Interested in RTCC?

Are you a parent, staff member, or community member who is dedicated to the Renton School District mission of “Each student graduating with options and prepared to participate fully in our democracy”? Do you have opinions about technology and a dedication to ensuring students have the tools they need to be successful? 

If so, we welcome you to apply for our council! Council members serve a 3 year term and attend 5 meetings each year. At these meetings, you will be able to provide input on the technology plans and decisions being made in the district, share feedback, and help us to ensure our actions align to support student learning, access, creativity, and achievement.

RTCC is seeking the following to fill our vacant positions:

  • Middle School Teacher
  • Parent/Community Member

Apply Now