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Renton School District

MyStop Bus Tracking App

Renton School District has a  mobile phone app allows families and students to track the location of their school bus in real time. The Versatrans My Stop app uses GPS data collected from school buses to track buses as they make their way along bus routes. My Stop graphically displays a school bus location on a map, as well as the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a specific student's bus stop. Information is automatically updated, and the ETA is recalculated to accommodate any delays due to traffic while in route.

Versatrans My Stop app is available for download as an iPhone app or an Android device app.

VersaTrans app log-in screen

Figure 1 shows the initial screen once mobile app is downloaded. Next, (Figure 2) tap to select a school district and find “Renton School District 403 (WA)” and click OK.

The log in screen will appear soon after (shown in Figure 3) asking for a username and password. We’ve set up a username and password for each student (their family).

                Username: <student ID>  Password: <student birthday; no slashes; mmddyyyy>

Once logged in, families will see the following display on their phones. Actual names would be displayed where “FIRST LAST” appears.

Families with multiple children only need to login to one student’s account and then can access all students’ information.

VersaTrans app logged in

For Desktop AND LAPTOP Users:

The Versatrans My Stop website allows users to access the information on a computer. (Features are limited.  Users are able to track school buses; but, cannot change their account password or other settings.) Families use the same username/password as with the mobile app.

Once logged in, family members/students will see a green line that represents the school bus route; a red dot that represents the student's designated stop; and a yellow arrow that represents the bus route/direction. Users are able to zoom in and out, and change the display of the map. 

VersaTrans example map