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Renton School District

Safety & Security

In the Renton School District, our commitment is to ensure the safety of all students and staff and the security and protection of school district property. We continue to improve schools structurally by adding entryway vestibules, key card readers to allow all but the front perimeter door to remain locked, security cameras, and more. Patrol Officers respond to security needs throughout the entire district and school Safety Officers are assigned at each high school and middle school. 

Read more about our work and commitment to safety below.

School Security (24 hrs) 
Safety & Security Offices
7812 South 124th St. Seattle, WA 98178
Safety and Security Tip Line (24 hrs)
District Office
John Holbrook
Safety & Security Director
Administrative Assistant
Safety and Security office

Our commitment to school safety

Student safety and school security is always forefront on the minds of our school principals, teachers, administrators, and support staff. We have a deep commitment and resolve to keep students and staff safe at school and we continue to refine proactive measures to help support the safety and security of all students and staff.

Here are some of the highlights of our work:
  • Thanks to voter support in our School Construction ballot measures, we continue to improve school safety and security by upgrading and installing new entryways, controlled door locking systems, and additional high-definition cameras and recording devices in schools throughout the district, and more.
  • All schools are equipped with an emergency alert button that immediately calls 9-1-1 when activated.
  • School and district-wide security and safety staff provide coverage 24 hours per day. Our safety officers continuously train on student relationship building, de-escalation, and other professional development to be better prepared to work with children and teens in all situations.
    • We actively patrol the district 24/7/365 with on-call rotational shifts
    • We monitor cameras, respond to alarms, and test emergency communications equipment
    • We have emergency equipped vehicles
    • Our high schools and middle schools have assigned School Safety Officers on each campus
    • Our high schools have a dedicated School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • Our school staff take a multi-pronged approach to student safety by conducting regular safety drills, including school evacuation and lockout drills.
    • Our school and district safety and security team help train staff in how to keep our students safe during emergencies.
    • We provide all staff and students with communication channels to report anything that appears unusual or threatening.
  • School perimeter doors remain locked during the school day. Visitors enter through one unlocked entry point at the front entrance.
  • We maintain active partnerships with the King County Office of Emergency Management (KCOEM), City of Renton’s Emergency Operations Center (CREOC), Operations Team, Renton Police Department (RPD), Renton Fire Department (RFD), Valley Communications Center (VCC), and Washington Alarm Company (WAC) to manage anomalies that have and/or could occur within district.
  • We continue to refine our practices along with law enforcement agencies to review all safety and security measures, constantly reviewing school design/layout, before/after school activities, lunchtime and passing time, and more.