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Renton School District

Wellness Policy

Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

Renton School District is hard at work creating a culture of wellness within our district.

Newly implemented policies and procedures help promote health and wellness among our students and staff. For more information, view our Wellness Policy.


Assessment of Renton School District Local Wellness Policy


June 30th 2016 by Heather Mann, RD and Lindsey Woodkey, MS RD


The Renton School District Local Wellness Policy is in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture Final Ruling on content, leadership, and public involvement.

  • Specific goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity and other school based student wellness programs are listed.
  • Standards/nutritional guidelines for foods sold on campus during the school day are outlined.
  • Policies for food and beverage marketing are stated.
  • Standards for foods and beverages provided but not sold to students are given.
  • There is a description of public involvement, updates, policy leadership and an evaluation plan.

Next steps:

Renton School District Nutrition Services Department will collaborate with Health Services and Physical Education Departments to regularly update the Wellness Policy and to ensure that all components are being enforced at the building levels. Increased efforts will be made to further participation by additional individuals. The District Wellness Policy Team will assess the policy each June noting any needs for policy updates and identifying areas of improvement. These updates will be presented to the School Board for approval then communicated to the public via the district website.

Interested in helping shape the development, implementation and review of the Local School Wellness Policy? Become a part of the District Wellness Policy Team. Contact Heather Mann at to get involved.