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Renton School District

Water Testing Program

 As part of our work to continue to keep students and staff safe at school, Renton School District is conducting tests of water fountains and sink fixtures at all schools to ensure they are safe for students and staff to use. Testing for lead levels is being conducted by a contractor from the Department of Health and began in early April; testing should be completed in the end of June.

Thanks to overwhelming voter support for school construction bond measures or capital facilities levies, our schools have been completely rebuilt or renovated over the past 20 years. That means our water supplies, sink fixtures and fountains are fairly new and well with the EPA guidelines for healthy water sources. Some sink fixtures, however, aren’t used very often in schools; those fixtures may result in a finding.

How does testing work?

When a fixture tests above the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threshold of 20ppb (parts per billion), it is taken out of service:

  • fixtures, aerators and filters are replaced or cleaned
  • water line is flushed
  • after installing new fixture, the sink/fountain is re-inspected
  • District provides additional water dispensers when drinking fountains are taken out of service.

How can I learn more?

What about lead in water in homes?

In homes with lead pipes that connect the home to the water main, also known as lead services lines, these pipes are typically the most significant source of lead in the water. Lead pipes are more likely to be found in homes built before 1986. Among homes without lead service lines, the most common problem is with brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and plumbing with lead solder.