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Renton School District

Water Testing Program

 House Bill 1139

To address concerns about lead in drinking water and to reduce children’s overall exposure to lead in the environment, Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1139 requiring all public school buildings built before 2016 to test drinking water for the presence and level of lead contamination by June 30, 2026 and every five years thereafter.

In response to HB 1139, Renton School District is adopting a school remediation Action Plan to identify fixtures testing higher than the newly adopted standard of 5 parts per billion (ppb) lead in drinking water, remediate fixtures, and report remediation information into the Information and Condition of Schools (ICOS) system monitored by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). The district's Action Plan will be adopted by March 31, 2022.      

Voluntary Water Quality Testing

Renton School District contracted with Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to test water fountains and sink fixtures for lead at all facilities throughout the district in April 2019.  Detailed results by school location can be found on the DOH website at Lead in Drinking Water in Schools. 

No facilities in the Renton School District were found to have facility-wide lead contamination in drinking water although individual fixtures at some facilities were found to exceed the EPA recommended threshold of 20 ppb. The typical cause of lead contamination is lead-containing fixtures, remediation for fixtures with elevated levels of lead includes the following steps:

  • Immediately taking the fixture out of service (water dispensers have been provided when necessary)
  • Cleaning or replacing the fixture, aerator, and filter
  • Flushing water lines
  • Retesting the site after a fixture is cleaned or replaced 

water quality Results and remediation

Renton School District identified 32 water sources with elevated levels of lead (greater than the EPA recommended threshold of 20 ppb). All 32 sites were remediated by replacing the fixture and flushing the water line, results from follow up water quality testing were below the recommended EPA threshold. 

For questions about water quality testing or Renton School District's remediation Action Plan contact Laska Whiteaker by email or phone at 425-204-4426.