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Renton School District

Welcome to Nutrition Services

Renton School District families, you could qualify for a $120 (per student) state grocery debt card if you act now to complete one of the qualifying forms below.

Families must complete either of the two forms linked below to be eligible to qualify for the state grocery benefit cards. 

Deadline to complete the form is Monday, June 10, 2024!

Complete one of these online forms to be eligible and email it to or return to your school.

State SUN Bucks Program

The state Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer program, known as SUN Bucks, will mail eligible families a one-time payment of $120 (per student) in food benefits on a dedicated SUN Bucks benefit card. Many grocery stores, farmers' markets, convenience stores, and online retailers accept SUN Bucks. SUN Bucks benefits expire and are removed 122 days from issuance.

The state plans to issue SUN Bucks beginning mid-June through the end of August 2024.

State Free reduced meal Income Eligibility Guidelines 2023- June 30, 2024



Nutrition/Warehouse Director


Nutrition/Warehouse Field Manager
Nutrition/Warehouse Site Manager


If you need school meal program information in another language, please call 425-204-2299.

Si necesita información sobre el programa de comidas escolares en otro idioma, llame al 425-204-2299.

Nếu bạn cần thông tin về chương trình bữa ăn tại trường bằng ngôn ngữ khác, xin vui lòng gọi số 425-204-2299.

Якщо вам потрібна інформація про програму шкільного харчування іншою мовою, телефонуйте за номером 425-204-2299.