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Helping Kids Learn at Home

Tips to Keep Kids Learning At Home

Children spend about six and a half hours in school each day; 180 days each year. Which leaves 185 days a year for learning outside of the classroom. Learning at home can be fun and easy, and a good change of pace from the classroom. Here are eight simple ideas you can use at home to encourage your child to keep learning fun and interesting:  

  1. Keep a Notebook: Write down what you do and see. Make a list or tell it like a story. Spruce up your notebook by drawing pictures. Share your writing with someone, get feedback, and make revisions.  
  2. Make Goals: Think about the new year and write down at least five goals. What do you want to learn? What to you hope to accomplish? Don’t forget to create a plan to reach your 2017 goals.
  3. Read Every Day: Read to a brother or sister, parent or pet, or even a stuffed animal! Read for a least 20 minutes each day to ensure your reading muscles stay strong over break.
  4. Do a Good Deed: Help a neighbor, friend, or family member. Volunteer with a local group, or complete a service learning project.
  5. Celebrate Family History: Investigate your family history. Use free online tools, or get help from family members. Ask older members of your family about what life was like when they were your age. Discover family traditions, cultures, and food. Don’t forget to take notes.
  6. Be a Meteorologist: Track the weather over winter and spring by taking notes and drawing pictures. Research weather terms and patters. Figure out why it rains some days and what makes snow.
  7. Organize Family Game Night: Set aside one night for a family game night. Scrabble helps boost spelling and vocabulary. Chess supports problem-solving skills. What games do you like to play at home?
  8. Stay Active: Go outside and play! Visit a local park, go on a walk, play soccer with friends or make up your own game.