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Renton School District

Inclement Weather (Snow) Closures/Delays

When decisions are made by Renton School District Superintendent to delay or cancel school due to bad weather or other emergencies, the district works quickly to ensure the safety of all students and staff and to communicate changes to school schedules.

Inclement Weather Information

At times, school operating hours or school bus transportation services may be adjusted or canceled due to bad weather. If inclement weather—like snow or ice—makes a school schedule change necessary, the decision will be made by the Superintendent and communicated to families and staff by:

  • Call/email/text to all families and staff (please ensure your school has your updated phone/email)
  • Renton School District website and all school websites
  • The district's Facebook page
  • The district’s Twitter page
  • The district's Instagram page
  • Local media outlets (TV, radio)

Parents and employees should ensure the school and district has their most current contact information and phone number in order to receive the call/email/text. Also, please remember that schools have limited phone lines and staff to answer phone calls: Please reserve calls to your student's school for those that are most urgent.

Options for Schedule Changes:

Full-day school cancellation/closing

If inclement weather causes school closure, no students or staff are expected at schools (some essential personnel will report to work). All school, after-school and community activities held in school buildings will be cancelled, including all home and away athletic events.

Delayed school opening/late start

If schools are delayed due to bad weather, all schools will open 2-hours late, unless the closure is on a Friday, then schools will run on a regular Friday 90-minute delayed-start schedule. All programs at Meadow Crest Early Learning Center will be cancelled. There will be transportation to out-of district programs.

Expectations for staff when school is delayed or closed (also see letters to staff below):

In the event of a late start:

  • As driving and road conditions permit, all staff should arrive at their regularly scheduled work time, as safely as possible.
  • All classified staff members are required to work their regular number of hours per day. If a classified staff member has difficulty getting to their work site at their normal time they should work with their immediate supervisor to make-up the time missed or access emergency leave per the contract.
  • All certificated staff members (teachers/others) should arrive, as safely as possible, no later than one-half hour (30-min) before the rescheduled student start time.

ln the event of a school closure:

  • Classified staff should reference the employee letters below as whether to report to work or not, depending on the number of days in the employee calendar.
  • Certificated staff members do not report to work as the day will be made-up later in the school year.

Messages for Staff

Inclement Weather Letter to Certificated Staff

Inclement Weather Letter to Classified Staff

Inclement Weather Letter to Leadership Team Member