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Renton School District

School closures due to snow or inclement weather will look very different this winter. In case of inclement weather or power outages, we will move all students back to remote learning.

Power and Internet Outage Guidance 

Power outages in the Pacific Northwest are a common occurrence during fall and winter months. Internet outages occur from time to time, even when power is maintained. When the power goes out for the teacher or student, learning can continue asynchronously (not live) until power is restored. Attendance will be determined based on student evidence of participation in asynchronous activities.

If an individual teacher/class disruption occurs due to power/internet loss, families of students in that class will be notified. When a schoolwide disruption occurs due to power/internet outage, school principals will call/email families.

NOTE: When inclement weather is forecasted, staff who teach from their classrooms are asked to ensure they have the necessary materials to provide instruction from home. 

Here are a few scenarios to help you know what to do if there are power outages:

TEACHER Power or Internet Outage

Teacher should:
  • Contact school to report power is out.
  • Send a message to students to engage in asynchronous learning activities.
  • Ask school or a colleague to send a message if not able to do so. 

NOTE: If power or the internet goes out during class, contact the school. If your power or internet company provides you with an estimate for when power or internet is expected to be back, alert the school with that information. Otherwise, check in every half hour. 

Students should:
  • Log into class as usual.
  • Check district email for messages from your teacher or another staff member from the school.
  • Continue work on previously assigned learning activities. 
  • Participate in asynchronous learning activities that are posted.

NOTE: If a teacher’s power or internet goes out during class, log off of Zoom. Work on known learning activities or assignments, or on other asynchronous learning activities. Attempt to log back into the Zoom session after 15 minutes, and then try again in 30 minutes. Students should attend other classes according to their regular schedule. 

STUDENT Power or Internet Outage

Teachers should:
  • Teach class(es) (unless all students in class are unavailable)
Student should:
  • When able to do so, let your teacher know the situation. 

TEACHER AND STUDENT Power or Internet outage 

Teacher should:
  • Contact school to report power is out.
  • Use time for planning or personal PD
Student should:
  • Continue work on previously assigned learning activities, as possible.

Find your limited transportation route

When bad weather or other conditions dictate that Renton Schools are open two-hours late, sometimes it may be necessary to also limit where our school buses can travel and the number of stops along a school bus route. When weather conditions dictate that certain roads are not safely passable, the district will announce it is operating on Limited Transportation Routes which will be in effect for both the morning and afternoon routes, even if roads have cleared during the day.

Below are the changes that will occur to the Renton School District's bus routes if "Limited Bus Transportation" is put into effect. The list gives the location of alternative stops by affected areas. Some stops will remain the same. To find your student’s limited transportation bus routes/schedules, simply click on your school’s name to expand the related documentation. Click again to minimize the listing.