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Renton School District

New Elementary School in Highlands area

Thanks to overwhelming voter support in the 2019 School Construction Election measure, work continues as we build our newest elementary school in the Renton Highlands area. The new school is located at 1075 Duvall Ave., Renton.

Nov 8 2022 Bond tax rate chart 2016-2026 7_2022

Population growth, and the many new construction projects planned over the next few years by the City of Renton and developers specifically in the Highlands/Sunset area, has led to the need for additional classroom capacity for elementary school students. The school is planned to open in fall of 2023.

We’ve been able to build this school and make much-needed improvements at schools across the district while seeing our  district tax rates decrease for property owners.

Principal named for new elementary school

We've selected former Bryn Mawr Elementary School Principal Jaime Maxie to serve as planning principal of the new elementary school. Principal Maxie brings 23 years of experience in education to the position, most recently serving as principal at Bryn Mawr since 2014. She has also served as assistant principal at Dimmitt Middle School, an instructional coach at Nelsen Middle School and Lindbergh High School. She began her teaching career at Dimmitt Middle School as a special education teacher and 6th grade teacher.

Artist rendering new elementary school 1 4_2022
new elementary school groundbreaking
site of New elementary school

Aerial picture of location of the new elementary school site.

New elementary artist rendering
new elementary 2
new elementary 4
new elementary school interior 1
new elementary school interior 1
new elementary school interior 3
new elementary school interior
Diagram showing placement on the property of the new school, playfields, parking and bus/drop off area

Artist rendering of new elementary school site plan.

Floor plan for new elementary school pointing to school entrance and identifies classrooms and common areas

New elementary school first floor plan.

Floor plan of the second floor

New elementary school second floor plan.

chart of the construction and planning schedule - demo, design, permitting, construction and occupancy by August 2023

Project timeline

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Want to learn more about this project? Contact Facilities Program Director Traci Rogstad.