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Renton School District

2019 Bond Projects

The 2019 Construction Bond raised nearly $250 million. The measure includes building a new elementary school in the Highlands/Sunset neighborhood, upgrading science classrooms at the high schools, updates to schools and classrooms throughout the district, repairs and updates to the community swimming pool at Hazen High School, field improvements, and Safety and Security upgrades. Distribution of projects being completed in the district in the summer of 2021 is shown below, a complete 2019 Bond Project list by school location is at the bottom of this page.  

2021 project distribution throughout Renton School District

District-wide distribution of Bond projects completed in 2020-21

Renton HS Area – 16 Projects: $7,410,649​
Hazen HS Area – 19 Projects: $12,634,481​
Lindbergh HS Area – 17 Projects: $7,470,555​
Support Facilities – 6 Projects: $2,006,303​

Projects for the 2019 Bond were chosen through a study that included input from principals, school staff, district Capital Planning and Facilities staff, and an architectural and engineering review of all sites. The district convened a committee of parents, community members, architects, and others to collect input on the proposed projects. The project list was then presented to school board members for consideration and approval.

There are 155 projects included in the 2019 Bond program.  


Capital Projects Updates - 2019 Bond

Detailed information is outlined for two of the 2019 Bond projects below. 

New Elementary School

Please see the New Elementary School #16 web page. 

The Renton School District is in the process of designing a new elementary school (Elementary #16) for approximately 600 students in the Renton Highlands area. Population growth in the area has led the district to need additional classroom capacity for elementary school students. The new elementary school will be constructed on approximately 11 acres of property along the west side of Duvall Ave NE, surrounded by 10th Street NE and 12th Street NE. The design phase has begun and a GC/CM contractor has been hired. 

  • Budget: $60,000,000
  • Funded by: 2019 Bond
  • Project type: New School
  • Estimated completion: Fall 2023
  • Project Manager: Traci Rogstad
  • Architect: Hutteball + Oremus Architecture
  • Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors
New Elementary location

Science Classroom Upgrades

Project Managers are currently preparing for site-visits, and collaborating with staff, to establish a scope of work for each of the three comprehensive high schools, to address the need for additional science classrooms through renovation of existing spaces and new construction. A primary focus in the planning stage is to build equitable learning spaces at the three high schools, as well as classrooms that will continue to support rigorous and evolving curricular class offerings. The Science classroom upgrades and new construction at Hazen, Lindbergh, and Renton High Schools are expected to be completed in 2023. 

  • Budget: $35,000,000
  • Funded by: 2019 Bond
  • Project type: New classrooms, upgrades to existing classrooms
  • Estimated completion: 2023
  • Project Managers: Stewart Shusterman, Mike Cato, Traci Rogstad 
  • Inventory/Survey/Programming:
    Hutteball + Oremus Architects
  • Contractor: TBD
Existing Science classrooms, Lindbergh, Renton, and Hazen high schools

Existing Science classrooms at Lindbergh, Renton, and Hazen high schools

2021-2024 pending major bond projects

  • District Wide: Safety & Security Updates - $8,682,187​

  • Hazen HS: Pool Modernization - $9,467,112​

  • Lindbergh HS: Locker Room Remodel - $6,945,750​

  • High School – Shared Baseball/Softball Fields - $5,219,870​

  • District Wide – Additional Early Learning Classrooms - $5,788,125​

2019 Bond Project List