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Renton School District

Hazen Pool Modernization Project

Thanks to overwhelming voter support in the 2019 School Construction Bond measure, we’re moving forward with much needed major improvements at Lindbergh High School beginning this summer through 2024.

Construction work includes:

  • Modernize and add science classrooms, labs, and support spaces
  • Additions creating new main entry, administration office, and health clinic
  • Modernize Career & Counseling Center
  • Upgrade Heating, Ventilation, Air Control (HVAC) system
  • Modernize existing locker rooms and athletic support spaces
  • Student parking lot resurfacing

Since March 2021, we’ve been busy in the preparation phase required before actual construction can begin including student and staff focus groups and workshops, cost estimates, permitting coordination and land use document submittal, pre-design and programing process and analysis, and more.

While there’s still a bit more of the pre-construction work yet to be completed, we will start the construction phases after school is out this summer. Construction will continue through early 2024.

See more about the plans and a slide show below.

Lindbergh High School's new, secure entryway addition

Artist renderings of construction plans

LHS Admin Rendering
LHS Science Rendering
LHS Site Plan
LHS Administrative
LHS Counseling Career
LHS North Science
LHS South Science
LHS Locker Rooms

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