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Renton School District

Hazen High School Modernization 2025-2028

Thanks to overwhelming voter support in the 2022 School Construction Bond measure, we’re moving forward with much needed major improvements at Hazen High School beginning during the summer of 2025 through 2028.

Hazen High Modernization project scope of work:

  • Modernization of nine existing science classrooms and associated spaces.  Conversion of three existing general education classrooms to one new science classroom and one new general education classroom.
  • Seismic upgrades of the building, including the natatorium.
  • Replacement of existing roof system with new roof system meeting current energy code.
  • Addition of new secure entry vestibule at the main entrance.
  • Replacement of existing HVAC and steam heating systems with new building wide heating/cooling systems.
  • Conversion of existing domestic hot water system to a centralized distribution system.
  • Refresh of interior spaces throughout the approximately 327,500 sq. ft. building, not including the natatorium or associated natatorium spaces.

Work already in progress

Since June of 2023, we’ve been busy in the preparation phase required before actual construction can begin including student and staff focus groups and workshops, cost estimates, permitting coordination and land use document submittal, pre-design and programing process and analysis, and more.

While there’s still more than a year of the pre-construction work yet to be completed, like finalizing design details, construction phasing, permitting and contractor review, we are confident we’ll start the construction phases after school is out during the summer of 2025. Construction will continue through 2028.

Construction begins Summer 2025 (after school is out)
We are still working through the phase planning for this project.  We will post more information here once the plan is developed.

Construction will not interrupt classes
While some of this construction work can be accomplished in the summer, the extent of the projects clearly mean that construction will continue as school is in session.

Our construction partners have extensive experience in completing construction projects while minimizing the effects on students and staff to maintain as much normalcy as possible. Planning the timeline and phases of the construction process will help diminish disruptions.

Our district construction department will have a team member assigned throughout this project to quickly work through any concerns/issues brought through students and staff to the principal.

Primary areas of consideration:

  • Safety: We’ll work to ensure students, families, and staff are clear on parking lot, walkway, and interior school changes and procedures necessary during construction. We’ll post adequate signage on school grounds and install highly visible signs and barriers around construction zones to prevent students from entering certain areas.
  • Noise: Loud noises during construction are unavoidable, and they can substantially interfere with students’ ability to concentrate, especially for those with sensory challenges. Noise can be quieted to a certain degree with construction protocols, such as installing temporary sound-absorbing barriers and using newer equipment that operates more quietly. We’ll also work to schedule as much noise-causing construction at times and places that have the lowest amount of disruption.
  • Environmental Disturbances: Construction can also result in other environmental disturbances, such as smells and dust. Our construction partners take precautions to mitigate these factors and ensure no harmful impacts.

Placement of equipment and materials during construction
Throughout the various construction projects, we’ll need to stage construction materials and equipment on school grounds. The areas required for this will shift as construction progresses, and the community will be notified and signage installed as things change. There will still be ample room for Hazen student and staff parking.

Background on Hazen High:
Hazen High School is approximately 327,500 sq. ft. The majority of the building, including two classroom wings, gym, swimming pool, and commons are cast-in-place concrete and masonry structural system constructed in 1967. The northeast classroom wing is a two-story building consisting of administration offices, general classrooms, and science classrooms. The northwest classroom wing is a one-story building consisting of Art, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and sports medicine programs. There are a total of nine existing science classrooms in the school facility.  Seven of the science classrooms are in the northeast classroom wing constructed in 1967. The remaining two science classrooms are in a two-story classroom addition constructed in 2011. The 2011 addition is a two-story structural steel building that connects the northeast and northwest classroom wings, gym, and commons. The auditorium next to the commons was constructed in 2000 which is a structural steel and CMU construction type.