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Renton School District

Capital Projects Vendor Opportunities

Doing Business With The Renton School District

This content is provided in accordance with Renton School District policies:
6210 – Purchasing, Authorization and Control
6220 – Bid Requirements
5251 – Conflicts of Interest
6211 – Conflict of Interest – Transactions
6925 – Architect and Engineering Services

Public Works

Public Works as defined in RCW 39.04.010:
The term public work shall include all work, construction, alteration, repair, or improvement other than ordinary maintenance, executed at the cost of the state or of any municipality, or which is by law a lien or charge on any property therein.

Requirements for public works contracts vary based on the dollar amount of the contract (including tax). 

Renton school district procurement methods

Direct procurement under $100,000 (Board Policy 6220)

Procurement for $350,000 or less using the Small works roster, (RCW 39.04.155)

Less than $250k; make (5) solicitations on an equitable basis
$250k - $350k; solicit entire roster specialty area

Competitive Bid (RCW 28A.335.190)

Energy Services Company (ESCO) (RCW 39.35a)

Alternative Project Delivery (D/B or GC/CM) (RCW 39.10)

Professional Services (A/E or other professional stamp) (RCW 39.80)

Consulting Services (Non-professional services, including legal, land use, and valuation) (Public solicitation similar to Professional Services)

small works roster

The Small Works Process may be used on public works projects with an estimated cost of $350,000 or less. To work with the Renton School District, register with the Municipal Research and Service Center (MRSC) Small Works Rosters and select Renton School District as the public agency (MRSC Application Process).

Supply Vendors

Businesses who provide product sales, equipment, repair and other purchased supplies must complete a Vendor Application to be added to the District's registry. In many cases, the District utilizes the services of the MRSC to attain information about potential vendors.

Independent Contractors and/or Professional Services

The Renton School District may contract with persons or organizations that fall under the laws and regulations set by Washington Employment Security Department, Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, the Internal Revenue Service, and Washington State Labor and Industries.

Contract Agreements between Renton School District and the Contractor must be finalized by a signed contract form provided by the District. The Contract Agreement is required to be attached to a District approved Purchase Order. The appropriate staff from the organization will receive an electronic copy of the Purchase Order and Contract Agreement via email in communication for full approval to begin work. We recommend starting the contracting process at least two months prior to the desired start date.

All construction, maintenance, operations, and related services and repairs are subject to public works and/or when prevailing wages apply, will be required to first register with the MRSC Small Works Rosters and select Renton School District as the public agency (MRSC Application Process). Vendor FAQ's and Vendor Insurance Requirements can be found on the Business Services/Purchasing website.

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