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Renton School District

Capital Planning and Construction

The Capital Projects Department is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing building and construction projects for the Renton School District which serves 15,000 students and 30 school and support facilities over roughly 33 square miles of Renton, Newcastle, and parts of unincorporated King County.

School Construction Projects collage

Thanks to overwhelming voter support in our school construction measures over the years, we're able to maintain our school buildings to high standards for student learning. Well-designed and highly-maintained schools can boost a child’s academic performance in reading, writing, math and other important subjects. There is considerable research linking students’ ability to learn and the conditions of their learning environment. School building design and facility conditions have also been associated with teacher motivation and effectiveness.

Proper school building operations and maintenance also helps reduce energy costs and increases energy efficiency at schools, regardless of age. And well-built, well-maintained schools improve neighborhood pride and appeal, and help maintain property values.

Click the Construction Projects page to see an overview of projects we've accomplished and those planned.

School Construction projects 2012-2029


Executive Director of Capital Planning and Construction
Matt Feldmeyer, R.A.

Facilities Program Director
Traci Rogstad

Executive Assistant
Theresa Reece

Project Managers
Mike Cato, P.E.

Brianne Tomlin, R.A.

Ladd Stejskal, R.A

Project Coordinators
Alisha Smothers

Mike Harris

Andrew Hollenback

Accountant Specialist
Jennifer Henry

Purchasing Specialist
Roselyn Guildner

Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Center