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Renton School District

Risk Management

Risk Management oversees all of the liability and property insurance needs, ADA accommodations, unemployment issues, and safety programs. The safety programs include accident prevention, worker's compensation, and the coordination of the district safety committee.

Tort Claims

RCW 4.92.100 requires citizens to present the Standard Tort Claim form with the Renton School District (RSD). The law also requires RSD to post on its website the Standard Tort Claim form with instructions. In compliance with these requirements and for the convenience of citizens, ORM developed the Washington State Tort Claim Form Packet.

Tort Claim Form Packet

Employee Safety

Board Policy 4175 states as follows: Through its overall safety program and various policies pertaining to school personnel, the Board will seek to assure the safety of employees during working hours and assist them in the maintenance of good health. The Board will be vigorous in maintaining safe working conditions for employees, and it will expect employees to follow all established safety rules and regulations, including those pertaining to the use of safety equipment and the wearing of safety clothing and protective eye devices.

Renton School District Accident Prevention Program Handbook

Reporting an On-The-Job-Injury

Printable "Red Packet" Combined Information Document

Workplace Rights and Workers' Compensation

Washington State Department of Labor and Industry Logo

Unemployment Benefits

Employment Security Department Washington State logo

For information regarding liability issues, student injuries, or certificates of insurance, please contact Kim Long at (425) 204-2361.  For workers compensation processing and information please contact Ryan Rudolph, (425) 204-2298 in Human Resources.

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