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Vendor FAQs/Resources

Q: I am a new vendor/provider/Independent Contractor, being asked to work for the Renton School District, what is the first step?

A: We invite you to go to the Renton School District website under Departments; Purchasing, Vendors. You will be prompted to complete a Vendor Set-up Application and will have access to upload your W9 to request you be set up in the District’s financial database. Make sure you have indicated the department and individual District staff requesting your services.

Q: How will I know I have been accepted as a vendor?

A: You will receive a confirmation email from the Purchasing Team thanking you for the completion of your application.  

Q: Do I need to report back to the department/school/staff to inform them I am set up in the Renton School District Financial database? 

A: If you include in your application you have been communicating with a department or school, the appropriate staff will be copied in your confirmation email.

Q: Must I, the vendor, be set-up in the Renton School District Financial data base if I am providing a product to the district?

A: No. The district allows credit card payments to vendors selling goods if there are no administrative fees associated with the transaction. 

Q: Must I, the vendor/provider/Independent Contractor, be set-up in the Renton School District Financial data base if I am providing a professional service to the district?

A: Yes. All vendors/providers/Independent Contractors must be set-up in the Renton School District Financial data base.

Q: When can I start work?

A: Work can commence only after receiving a District approved purchase order. A signed contract will accompany the PO. Failure to have a purchase order prior work may jeopardizes payment to the vendor/provider/Independent Contractor and may pose risk to the District. If a Renton School District staff member directs you to start work without a purchase order, please contact the Purchasing Department immediately and we will assist the expediting of the purchase order or an approved form of payment can be properly executed.

Q: My work or service is complete; how do I get paid? 

A: The vendor/provider/Independent Contractor shall invoice monthly by the 15th of the subsequent month with a summary statement for completed services or of any product provided. The District’s general payment terms are net 30.

Additionally, all payments to Contractors are conditioned upon (1) Contractor's submission of a properly executed and supported voucher for payment, including such supporting documentation of performance and supporting documentation of costs incurred or paid, or both as is otherwise provided for in the body of the Purchase Order, "Terms and Conditions" or Renton School District Contract, and (2) acceptance and certification by the Renton School District's Superintendent or designee of satisfactory performance by the Contractor.

Q: Can I, the vendor/provider/Independent Contractor invoice for advance payments?

A: No. The Renton School District shall not make payments in advance or in anticipation of services or supplies to be provided under Contract

Q: What is the District’s billing address?

A: Send all invoicing to Accounts Payable. The billing address is Renton School District #403, 300 SW 7th Street, Renton WA 98031.

Q: I have a new small business and need help with building a business plan and setting up basic tax accounting. Can you help? 

A: No. There are limitations on the assistance we can provide in these areas. We can provide help on doing business with Renton School District and can direct you to resources.

Q: Does my company need a business license? 

A: Yes. Your business’s Washington Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) number will be required. If you are not registered, you may go to the Washington State Department of Revenue website to register your business in Washington State. If your business is in the state of Washington is required to collect sales tax or it will earn more than $12,000 in a year, then the business must have a Washington Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) number.

Q: Is there an insurance requirement? 

A: Yes, Prior to work, the vendor/provider/contractor will be required to secure, maintain, and show evidence by providing a Certificate of Insurance, to the District according to "Terms and Conditions" on your contract or issued PO. Endorsements must be included for the Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, and Primary and Non-Contributory requirements.

Q: My company handles buildings repairs and manages construction projects. Are there any special rules around this?

A: Yes. The District is funded by public money, therefore must comply with the Public Works State Statues, Title 39 RCW.  If you are a contractor performing work on a public works project, be sure to read your purchase order requirements for filing "Intent to Pay Prevailing Wage" and "Affidavit of Wages Paid" to avoid payment delays.