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Renton School District

Payroll Services

Payroll Services is a dynamic group of professionals who provide the final leg processing for paying District personnel.  The payroll process, and the staff that participates, serve as a pivotal internal control mechanism ensuring accurate distribution of funds. 

Services provided include:


Payroll Services must comply with federal and state records retention criteria. Employers must retain documents that determine wage calculations, including time cards, deductions from or additions to wages, and time schedules.

Payroll Accounting

Through payroll accounting, the District records wages paid, deductions from employees’ paychecks, and all employer-paid payroll expenses. Depending on the structure of the business, payroll and the accounting department handle payroll accounting. Duties include annual W-2 processing, paycheck tracking, issuing stop payments, reconciling payroll data, filing and reporting payroll taxes, and maintaining accurate accounting records.

Paycheck Processing

Paycheck processing verifies the payroll system has the correct compensation data for each employee. This includes salary, hourly rates, regular hours and overtime hours. The process verifies other types of pay, such as, severance, piece rate, expense reimbursements, back pay and retroactive pay increases. Other types of compensation include bereavement, vacation, sick, personal and holiday pay. The process also confirms paycheck deductions, such as federal income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, state and local taxes, wage garnishment, union dues, retirement contributions and health insurance premiums. Payroll Services forwards the direct deposit file to the bank and prints paychecks and pay stubs. After closing out the payroll period, Payroll verifies paycheck information via internal reporting.

Employee Relations

Payroll Services addresses internal payroll inquiries from managers, supervisors and employees. It also addresses related external concerns, such as from government agencies that need information on employees for wage garnishment.

Payroll Contacts

General Payroll Service:

Phone: (425) 204-2375

Email: Payroll Team

Payroll Team Members:

Sarah Durant
Director of Payroll and Employee Benefits
(425) 204-2379

Sarah Viles
Lead Payroll and Employee Benefits Coordinator
(425) 204-2377

Suzy Benavides
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2476

Monica Oberender
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2378

Melissa Weaver
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2294

Ruth Whittles
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2376

Kristen Kaiser
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2378

Allen Agcamaran
Payroll Coordinator
(425) 204-2476