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Renton School District

Rules and Regulations

  1. The Board of Directors of Renton School District No. 403 considers school buildings and facilities to be public property, which is to be used in the best interest of the entire community. However, school functions will have priority over community requests in processing applications for building use.
  2. Firearms are prohibited in school district buildings and on grounds (RCW28A.600.010).
  3. The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in school district buildings and on grounds is prohibited (RCW 28A.210.310).
  4. Fireworks are illegal in Renton. The sale and use of fireworks are prohibited within Renton city limits; a ban that was passed by voters in 2005.
  5. Profane language, possession, or use of intoxicating beverages, boisterous conduct, and betting or other forms of gambling shall not be permitted on school premises.
  6. District facilities may be used for open meetings and performances subject to the policies of the district. District functions shall have priority over community requests for facility use.
  7. Applications for all uses of facilities by “non-school groups” shall be submitted through the application process, which is used to determine availability of facilities desired and acquaint the applicant with the existing policies, regulations, and service charges. The Superintendent or designee possesses the authority to make the final decision on the use of school facilities by any group. Both the Facility Rental Manager and the Superintendent or designee shall approve applications for revenue-raising activities.
  8. A single application may be made for a series of events of like character.
  9. The district reserves the right to cancel any permit, and refund the unearned portion of any payment made, at the district’s discretion, without explanation.
  10. The district reserves the right to reject any application without explanation.
  11. Approved rental applications shall be revocable at the discretion of the Facility Rental Manager or the Board of Directors.
  12. Approved applications are temporary approval to use district facilities and shall not be considered a lease.
  13. No use of building or grounds will be granted if the primary purpose is for private or commercial gain, or advertising purposes unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  14. All building use permits shall expire at the close of the school year. Applications for use of school buildings during summer, holidays, or vacations must be approved by the Facility Rental Manager before the close of school.
  15. The building principal/manager is not authorized to approve a waiver of fees.
  16. The applicant must give at least fourteen (14) business days’ notice to the Facility Rental Manager of any cancellation or previously scheduled facility use. In case of failure to do so, the applicant will forfeit deposits and incur charges for expenses.
  17. A paid school district employee or an adult agreeable to the district must always be in the facility during after-school use of the facilities requested. (When a building custodian is engaged, it is understood that the custodian must be paid a minimum of 3 hours overtime which includes a minimum of 30 minutes to open and prepare the building and a minimum of 30 minutes to close and secure the building.)
  18. Applications for facility rental must be submitted online at least ten (10) days before the start date.
  19. Facilities used shall be limited to those specified on the application. Additional or unusual services of the custodian or other district employees must be discussed with the Facility Rental Manager. Custodians do not have the authority to permit the use of facilities or equipment not included in the rental.
  20. The tipping of school personnel is not allowed. Only the school district shall pay employees for services rendered in connection with the rental of school facilities.
  21. The applicant must exercise the utmost care in the use of school premises and must hold the Renton School District harmless from any and all liability resulting from the use of requested facilities.
  22. It shall be the applicant’s responsibility to report, in writing, to the Facility Rental Manager any accidents or injuries suffered by individuals during the use of school district facilities.
  23. Any destruction of school property occurring during the applicant’s use of district facilities must be reported in writing to the Facility Rental Manager.
  24. Decorations or application of material to walls or floors must receive written permission of the building principal/manager.
  25. Applicants must remove, at their own expense, all materials and equipment or furnishings left after the use of school facilities. The school district will provide only normal custodial services in connection with the use of buildings or grounds.
  26. Excessive trash or removal of items will result in a disposal fee.
  27. Adequate adult supervision is required for applications to be approved. This shall include proper police and fire protection if necessary.
  28. Facilities will not be made available for any use which might result in undue damage or wear.
  29. Games of chance and lotteries will not be allowed in district facilities. “Amusement games” as defined by state law are permitted at school and PTA approved functions when licensed.
  30. Classroom use during the school year will not be allowed except by special permission of the building principal.
  31. Rentals must be paid in advance of the rental date unless other arrangements are made at the time of application. Other charges shall be paid promptly after billing by the school district. Late payment charges will be assessed for late payments.
  32. Applicants' receipting funds from admissions or collections may be required to provide a financial statement of revenue and expenses to the Facility Rental Manager or Business Office.
  33. Gym shoes are required in gymnasiums for all activity-type games such as basketball and volleyball.
  34. All meetings and functions shall terminate, and facilities vacated by 10 p.m. on school nights unless otherwise approved by the Facility Rental Manager.
  35. School equipment cannot be used except by special request and approval by the building principal/manager. This includes balls, nets, copiers, or other equipment.
  36. No school equipment will be removed from the district facility.
  37. Motor vehicles are to be parked in designated areas only.
  38. The rental of cafeterias or other spaces that are attached to a kitchen does not grant access to the kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment can only be used when approved by Nutrition Services in advance and will require extra fees and staffing.
  39. Rentals of the Renton Memorial Stadium, Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center, Theater at Hazen, and Lindbergh Theater are subject to additional terms and conditions.
  40. Waivers of rental fees and/or re-classification requests are subject to review and approval by the Superintendent/designee. Direct costs incurred are not subject to waiver.
  41. Access to areas that may require a lock, such as the Hazen Turf field, requires the client to ensure the location is properly secured upon departure. Notification to district security must occur if something is wrong with the locking mechanism. Failure to secure the premise may result in a fine or loss of access to the facility.