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Renton School District

Facility Rental

Facility Rental is open and accepting event requests. COVID-19 protocols are in place for all rentals. For answers to any questions, please email the Facility Rental Team and we will be happy to help!

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The Renton School District (referred to as RSD or “the District” in the Facility Rental section) recognizes that our facilities, athletic fields, and grounds are provided primarily for the education of our students. Thereafter, our facilities and grounds shall be made available to the public in adherence to the priorities and regulations outlined in this Facility Rental Handbook and Fee Schedule. District representatives shall endeavor to make all educational and athletic facilities available for use by the community provided such use will not interfere with school activities or reflect negatively on RSD. All athletic fields should be available for community use, after hours, except where the risk of damage to equipment or facilities is high (e.g., Inclement weather, high impact activities that pose substantial risk of damage to the field, or maintenance activities that are required). In accordance with district policy, no person or organization seeking to use District facilities pursuant to these policies shall be denied the use of the facilities, or be subjected to discrimination, on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, previous arrest or incarceration, or disability.

Organized activities include groups of five or more participants and must complete a rental agreement to use district facilities.


For general facility rental questions, contact the Facility Rental Team by email or by phone at (425) 204-3414

For information on rental of the Renton Memorial Stadium and all school fields, tracks, and tennis courts, contact Rita Baccus by email or by phone at (425) 204-2423.

For information on rental of the Hazen Pool call (425) 204-4230 or email

For information on rental of the Lindbergh Pool call (425) 204-4440 or email 

For information on rental of the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center contact Adam Rosencrantz by email or by phone at (425) 204-3455.


Only registered clients may submit an application to use RSD facilities. Registered clients may be either internal groups (e.g., student athletic events, activities) or external groups (e.g., affiliates, partners, community members). All clients wishing to rent district facilities, both internal and external, must complete the online application and adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined below and on the district website under “Facility Rental.” Applications must include payment of the application fee and any anticipated rental fees. For questions or assistance with accessibility of the online application, please contact the Facility Rental Manager at 425.204.3455 or stop by the district office located at 300 SW 7th St.

Submission of your event application or verbal affirmation of facility availability, does NOT constitute approval of the event/rental contract. Additional administrative review is required for all applications. Depending upon the complexity of the event, additional approvals and permitting may also be required. You will be notified of approval/disapproval/follow up coordination required for your request via email, generally within 5-10 business days following submission of your application. Facility rental email communication will come from or other designated system email address. Applications which are approved will always be provided in writing from the Facilities Rental Manager/Representative as they constitute a written contract between the client’s organization and RSD.

Additionally, the District requires all clients to have a physical print out (or electronic copy) of the approved rental contract available for inspection by administration or district representative at their event. Failure to produce this proof of facilities rental approval may result in cancellation, trespass, or additional administrative sanctions.

For questions or assistance with accessibility of the online application, please contact the Facility Rental Manager by email or by phone at 425.204.3414

If this is your first time using the system, we have provided some Getting Started information to help get your account and organization(s) setup within the system.

For district staff looking to rent locations outside of their location must complete an online request through Schedules. You will use your district log-in credintials to access the system. Registration is NOT necessary.

Sporting Activity Supplement

Organizations requesting rentals that will include activities such as basketball, baseball, etc. must have a completed Concussion Head Injury Supplement on file with the Facility Rental Manager. Only one supplement must be completed per organization making requests and uploaded to their group profile within Schedules.

Direct Client Charges

Renters will be assessed charges according to the appropriate rental schedule as defined on the application and in the Current Fee Schedule. Groups using the facilities will be charged for the services of district personnel required for supervision and/or custodial services. These charges will be based on the current rates paid by the district. Rates are reviewed and approved annually by the Governing Board.

Booking Fee

A one-time, non-refundable, booking fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each reservation made. If multiple reservations are made in a single request, only one fee will be applied. This booking fee applies whether the request has been entered by a staff member or the renter directly. This fee is applied to all rental requests except category 1a clients.

Change Fee

A per-request change fee of $25.00 may be assessed if requests to change any aspect of the application are made after final approval from the Facility Rental Manager.


The Applicant agrees that to the fullest extent permitted by law, Applicant will hold harmless, defend, and indemnify the Renton School District, its agents, employees, and board members from any and all liabilities, penalties, losses, damages, claims, expenses, attorneys’ fees, taxes, expenses of litigation, judgments, suits, liens, and encumbrances, without limitation, arising out of or resulting from any and all acts or omission by Applicant under this agreement. The District shall have the right to demand that Applicant defend any and all claims, lawsuits, or proceedings related to services provided under the agreement, without cost to the District, with legal representation acceptable to the District. The terms of this section shall survive termination of this agreement.

The District agrees that to the fullest extent permitted by law, the District will hold harmless, defend, and indemnify the Applicant, its agents, employees, and the board members from any liabilities, penalties, losses, damages, claims, expenses, attorneys’ fees, taxes, expenses of litigation, judgments, suits, liens, and encumbrances, without limitation, arising out of or resulting from the negligence by the District.

Applicant understands and agrees that this agreement may be revoked or canceled at any time with or without cause, and the applicant shall have no claim or right to damages or reimbursement for any loss, damage, or expense resulting from such revocation or cancellation.

Facility Equipment

equipment, projection, or sound systems, etc. While this equipment may be made available, for specific questions about the equipment, please ask your district contact about the space you are requesting. If equipment is used, any excessive wear or damage, as determined by district staff, will be back billed to the client at the cost of replacement or repair.


Any charges for use of the facility will be billed to the applicant through the online rental system. Organizations, groups, or individuals shall not make any payment directly to any school employee or make any individual arrangements with employees as to service charges. Neither facilities rental staff nor event support staff are authorized to make changes to prescribed fees.

Renters of the Renton Memorial Stadium, Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center, Theater at Hazen, and the Lindbergh Theater are subject to additional deposit and document submission requirements. See the fee section below.

Invoiced charges are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Past-due Accounts

If payment is made after 30 days of the invoice date, a late fee may be assessed. If payment is not made within 90 days of the invoice date, additional fees may be assessed and the account may be sent to collections. Renters that have a past-due balance may be refused rental of district facilities. This includes any late fees or deposits that are outstanding.

Cancellation by the District

The school district reserves the right to cancel non-school activities in favor of school activities whenever conflicts arise. The school district will notify renters of the cancellation as soon as possible. In the event of an inclement weather cancelation by the district, District staff will attempt to accommodate a reschedule. If the district cancels for a non-weather related reason, any deposits made towards the event will be returned.

Cancellation by the Renter

A renter may cancel without penalty at any time up to two weeks (14 calendar days) before the rental date. Cancellations less than two weeks will be charged 50 percent, non-refundable, of the estimated fees. Any cancellations within five days of the rental date will be billed at 100 percent, non-refundable, of the estimated fees.

Renters of the Renton Memorial Stadium, Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center, Theater at Hazen, and the Lindbergh Theater are subject to additional cancellation policies. See the associated fee section below.

Proof of Authorized Rental

When using district facilities for purposes outlined in this document, the client must maintain a copy of the approved rental contract (electronic or physical copy) while on the premises and be able to produce that copy upon request by any district staff including custodial and security. Failure to produce the approved rental contract may result in refusal of access or being asked to vacate the premises. The copy can be printed or made available electronically on a tablet or mobile device.

Valid Identification

Each renter of a district facility may be required to show proof of identity prior to being granted entry into their rented space(s). The primary renter(s) must be of at least 18 years of age.

Right to Revoke

The District reserves the right to cancel any permit given, and refund any payment made for use of RSD property, when it deems such action advisable and in the best interest of the school district, or to modify its policy at any time.

Special Event Permits

Patrons are advised that RSD facilities lie within multiple overlapping governmental jurisdictions. Those patrons considering large outdoor events (e.g., producing events that would draw more than 300 people) may require a special event permit. RSD has facilities within the following municipalities: City of Renton, City of Newcastle, City of Seattle, and Un-incorporated King County. RSD facilities also lie within the Renton Regional Fire District. Jurisdictional limitations on noise, capacity, open flame, traffic, etc. are set forth by the governing jurisdiction and must be considered by the client PRIOR to final consideration/approval of the rental contract by RSD. Client use of RSD facilities is always contingent upon approval and receipt of required jurisdictional permits and other required coordination. RSD reserves the right to require proof of jurisdictional permit/coordination prior to final event approval.

Applicable Taxes and Fees

All Facility Rental Clients assume sole responsibility for reporting and paying any applicable excise taxes, use taxes, ticket percentages, etc. to the City of Renton, state, or other applicable governing body. Please consult your legal counsel with any questions.