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Renton School District

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are public monies raised on behalf of students, and are used for optional, extra-curricular events of a cultural, athletic, recreational, or social nature. In general, carryover amounts from one year to another are due to anticipated expenditures for student activities which take more than a year of fundraising. These funds are not available for curricular or graded student activities.

The financial reports listed below reflect the detailed ASB account balances by school. Beginning balances are as of September 1, and ending balances are as of August 31. These reports are unaudited, and may not reflect final ending balances for the year.

ASB Annual Activity Reports

The 2019 Legislature added reporting requirements related to students in possession of Associated Student Body (ASB) cards and student participation in school-based athletic programs (ESHB 1109, section 501 4(n)(ii)). By January 15, 2020, each school district that operates one or more high schools must submit to OSPI confirmation that the ASB program information required by RCW 28A.325.050 is published online. 

In order to meet this legislative requirement, the Renton School District gathered information for the four high school which it operates.  Each is listed in the following informational table.

ASB Extracurricular Activity Reporting

Gap Reduction Plans