Dress code

  • School attire should be comfortable, but appropriate to an academic environment. Immodest or suggestive attire is inappropriate. To encourage learning and ensure success, students attending McKnight Middle School must avoid wearing:

    1. Immodest or suggestive attire (including pants that are open or stitched up the leg, clothing with lettering marks which highlight breast or bottom).
    2. Clothing that allows underwear to be visible.
    3. Shirts which reveal cleavage, the stomach, or the back.
    4. Sleeveless tops, halter tops, tank tops, half shirts, or short t-shirts which expose the midriff.
    5. Shorts, skirts, or skirt slits which are less than fingertip in length when arms are held straight down at the side.
    6. Hats, scarves, sport headbands, or any other head coverings except for religious reasons.
    7. Clothing or accessories that advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or weapons.
    8. Clothing or accessories that show profanity or make sexual innuendos.
    9. Clothing which could be perceived as "gang" related (i.e., bandanas, Old English print, tagging, etc.).
    10. Jackets, coats, heavy insulated vests, gloves, or sunglasses while in the building.
    11. Spiked jewelry, pacifiers, or chains.
    12. Clothing that is or looks like pajamas (flannel pants).
    13. Sagging pants (including pants not at the hip, low pants crotch, excessively large pants, or pants that do not stay up).

    Remember: Health standards require footwear to be worn at all times.

    Students not complying with the dress code are subject to discipline. In most cases, students will be warned or asked to change their clothing. Students may also be sent to the office for a change of clothes. Repeated offenses or refusal to change into appropriate clothing may result in further disciplinary action up to and including suspension. School administrators are the final authority in determining the appropriateness of school dress. Further information on student dress code is available in the Student Handbook.