Running Start

  • Running Start is a State program offering double-transcribed credits and grades on both high school and community college transcripts. View a PowerPoint presentation Hazen Running Start

    Running Start Information Sessions for Hazen students are held in March to explain the enrollment process, answer general questions and help students understand the commitment requirement of the Running Start program. For specific dates, see the counseling office.


    • Must be 16, a junior, and have earned 12+ credits
    • Pass placement exams in Reading, Writing and potentially Math. Placement Exams (COMPASS) are given at the college you choose to attend.


    • School district pays tuition for all 100 level or higher courses.
    • Student pays the rest: Compass test fee, class fees, books and  transportation cost

    Part-Time verses Full-Time Running Start considerations

    Students may be either full-time Running Start students, or part-time Running Start students (splitting their day between classes at Hazen and classes at the college). However, the state limits the overall number of college credits available to the student, depending on how many classes a day they are taking at the high school. Below is the enrollment chart:
# Periods @ Hazen HHS FTE Available College Credit
1 0.2 15
2 0.4 12
3 0.6 10
4 0.8 6
5+ 1.0 3
  • Student must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in college classes

    Important Considerations

    • Maturity is Essential- academic readiness, personal discipline, responsibility to handle an independent environment, and fast pace of college classes is a must!
    • Transportation, Books, Fees are the Student’s Responsibility
    • College Credit Does Not Transfer to All Schools- out of state schools may not accept the credit
    • Socialization Can Be an Issue- average community college student is mid-30’s, High School students may miss out on the usual high school daily activities
    • This is a Personal Decision- once at the college, the only communication with parents is via their student
    • Students are still responsible for all graduation requirements, including WASL, Culminating Project and Consumer Competency


    • Free Tuition! – district pays for courses (100 level or higher courses)
    • Get a “Running Start” on College Education – can earn up to two years of college credit
    • Advanced Coursework – greater selection of courses than what is offered at the high school
    • Adult Educational Setting
    • Flexibility in Scheduling Classes – classes are available from 6:30 am to 1:000 pm, also on weekends, and online

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