Credit recovery

  • Credit Retrieval Ideas for Hazen Families and Students – Summer 2018
    Is your student interested in completing a credit retrieval online course for a class they previously failed?
    There are many various online providers that offer credit retrieval courses and allow students to complete the coursework from any internet connected computer. Below is a list of a few of the vendors Hazen students regularly use. For a longer list of approved vendors, visit the OSPI Approved Online Course Providers list at: . Note that the cost of a course varies, depending on the vendor you choose.

    Fuel Education:
    Red Comet:
    BYU Independent Study:

    Not sure which course to enroll your student in? See below:

Renton School District Course Typical Credit Recovery Course Equivalent
Language Arts 1 English I – semester 1
Language Arts 2 English I – semester 2
Language Arts 3 English II– semester 1
Language Arts 4 English II – semester 2
Language Arts 5 English III– semester 1
Language Arts 6 English III – semester 2
Algebra 1 Algebra I– semester 1
Algebra 2 Algebra I – semester 2
Algebra 3 Algebra II– semester 1
Algebra 4 Algebra II – semester 2
Geometry 1 Geometry I– semester 1
Geometry 2 Geometry I – semester 2
Phys/Earth Science 1 Physical Science
Phys/Earth Science 2 Earth Science
Biology 1 Biology – semester 1
Biology 2 Biology – semester 2
World History 1 World History – semester 1
World History 2 World History – semester 2
US History 1 US History (or American History) – semester 1
US History 2
Government US History (or American History) – semester 2 American (or United States) Government
Health Health
PE 1 and 2 Physical Education