What Students and Parents Need to Know About CTE

  • Today’s CTE programs are cutting-edge, rigorous instructional programs that prepare students for a wide range of high-wage, high-demand careers. CTE programs and activities serve students and families throughout Renton School District facilities, community satellites, and businesses with an emphasis on college and career readiness through a comprehensive program supporting career awareness, exploration, planning, preparation, and transition to post-secondary education or training.

    What do students learn in a CTE course?
         • Course-specific content (see course descriptions)
         • 21st Century Skills
         • Career Awareness/Exploration

    How do they learn it?
         • Applied Project-Based Learning
         • Extended Learning
         • Business/Industry and Community Connections

    Why is it important?
         • Post-Secondary/College Transition

    In the video below, learn more about how a broad range of skills can benefit our young people as they navigate the new economy.

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