• Hazen High School is located in the Renton Highlands of Renton, Washington. Oliver M. Hazen, for whom Hazen High School is named, served as the Renton School District Superintendent from 1936-1966. Hazen High first opened its doors to students in 1968.The Highlander was adopted as Hazen’s mascot with the colors green, gold, and blue to represent the new school. The Highland Clan sported green, gold and blue Gordon tartans on everything from cheerleader, basketball, and drill team uniforms to the Scottish mascot painted on the gym wall.

     Hazen experienced an extensive remodel from 2000 through 2005 to equip the school for the twenty-first century. The environmental infrastructure was updated and the old smoke stack was removed. A small inner courtyard was enclosed to accommodate a new student commons. The long-awaited auditorium which was cut from the original design finally became a reality, while new lighting, flooring, and graphic designs were welcome enhancements to the entire school.



The Alma Mater, "Green, Gold, and Blue"

  • The greenwoods scent the dewy air where golden treasures lie,
    Beneath the bonnie, bonnie blue in the land of Hazen High.
    Whene’re a’roving far from thee to seek our fortunes due,
    These golden hours the dearer be with the touch of green and blue.
    So let there be no last farewell among the Highland Clan,
    For Highland hearts will always dwell in the brotherhood of man.
    So on our lips we seal our vow to be true to green, gold, and blue.

Fight Song

  • The Hazen Highlanders come down from the hill.
    Our loyal students cheer as one loud and shrill.
    Our adversaries will learn to fear our name
    After seeing how we fight to win the game.
    So, go, go, you highlanders for all Hazen High
    Keep your banners high for all to see.
    And they’ll take the low road
    And we’ll take the high road
    Back to Hazen with victory.