Career Clusters

  • Washington State has adopted Career Clusters as a tool for seamless transition from education to career. Career Clusters are broad groupings of careers that have similar characteristics and employment requirements. They provide a useful framework to aid students in career exploration and can help students focus on programs of study based on personal interests. Research has demonstrated that students who have a focus in a curricula area in high school have generally higher grades.

    Click on a the Career Cluster links to the right to see what CTE courses are offered in each Career Cluster.

    Students who have a career focus will continue their education beyond high school and understand why post-secondary education is necessary.Post-secondary education includes community and technical colleges,apprenticeship programs, the military and 4-year universities.
    Students will use Career Clusters as a framework for career exploration and education planning throughout their high school years. For more information visit or visit your high school Career Center.

    All courses in the Career and Technical Education Department will satisfy the Washington State graduation requirement for occupational education. In addition, some courses are identified in the online course list as"cross-credit." This means that students taking those courses can apply credit towards a different area of requirement such as math or art.

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