Renton Technology Coordinating Council (RTCC) By Laws

  • I. Name of Committee

    The name of this Committee shall be the Renton Technology Coordinating Council.

    II. Purpose of Committee

    The role of the Renton Technology Coordinating Council is to assure that technology decisions
    maximize student performance and achievement and business operations efficiency by:
    1. providing a forum for gathering input from community and school stakeholders on technology
    goals and needs,
    2. assisting in development and approve recommendation of the District Technology Plan to the
    Board of Directors. The Technology Plan guides District activities including expenditure of bond
    and general funds in support of technology,
    3. reviewing and recommending policies and procedures related to technology use.


    The committee shall serve as an advisory group to the Renton School District.

    IV. Membership

    Section 1. Size, Composition and Representation

    The Committee shall be comprised of 18 - 25 members representing staff and community members. The Office of the Superintendent/Designee will appoint members. Membership shall include:

  • * Student subcommittee will be led by the Director of Instructional Technology, will meet separately and report to RTCC. Students are not voting members of RTCC.

    Section 2.  Term of Office

    The term of office shall be for three years beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31. Active members may be assigned to consecutive terms after a call new volunteers returns unanswered. Some positions will be continuing by virtue of their positions (i.e., CTO, Assistant Superintendents, Managers, Directors, etc.).

    Section 3.  Voting

    Recommendations of the committee shall ordinarily be by consensus. Sufficient consensus may be used when agreed upon by the group.

    Section 4.  Resignation

    Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Chairperson.

    Section 5.  Vacancy

    Any vacancy on the Committee shall be filled for the remainder of the expired term through the Office of the Superintendent/Designee.

    V. Officers, Duties and Representation

    Section 1. Chairperson[s]

    The chairperson[s] shall be the Chief Technology Officer. The chairperson[s] or designee shall preside at all meetings, sign all communications of the committee and prepare meeting agendas.

    Section 2. Steering Committee

    A Steering Committee shall develop recommendations to the Committee for its consideration and possible action. The Steering Committee shall be composed of the Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Teaching, Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education, Director of Instructional Technology, Manager of Customer Services, Manager of Technology Infrastructure, Director of Assessment and Student Information Services, Administrative Assistant Representative, and Business Representative.

    Section 3. Secretary

    The Chairperson[s] shall select a Committee secretary.
    The secretary shall:

    • Ensure that all notices are given of the meetings.
    • Be custodian of the Committee's records including:
      • Record the minutes
      • Distribute the minutes
      • Amend the minutes as required by the Committee
      • Maintain a register of the address, e-mail address, and telephone number of each member of the Committee.
      • Ensure all necessary duties for proper functioning of the Committee are completed according to the Committee consensus.

    VI. Meeting of the Committee

    Section 1. Agenda

    A tentative agenda for the next meeting will be established at the conclusion of each meeting. The final agenda shall be developed jointly by the Chairperson and the Steering Committee and shall be consistent with the purposes of the Committee.

    Section 2.  Open Meetings

    All meetings of the Committee shall be open to the public.

    Section 3.  Place of Meetings

    The committee shall hold its meetings in a facility designated and scheduled by the Renton School District.

    Section 4.  Time and Dates

    The time and dates of the meeting shall be established by the committee. At least five (5) meetings shall be held during the school year.

    Section 5.  Minutes

    The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and provide copies [hard copy or electronic copy] to Committee members,to the Superintendent and to member of the Board of Directors.

    Section 6.  Quorum

    No vote shall be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum is a majority of formally assigned members at the time of the meeting.

    Section 7.  Conduct of Meetings

    All meetings of the committee shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order or in accordance with an appropriate adaptation thereof.

    Section 8.  Staff

    Staff members or others may be invited to attend and participate in presentations and as resource persons.

    Section 9. Visitors

    Appropriate time shall be provided at each meeting for others in attendance to present their views.

    VII. Amendments

    These by-laws are a condition for the operation of the Committee and shall be changed only through recommendation approved through the Office of the Superintendent.


    Final Revision November 21, 2013.