Second Grade Supply List

Quantity Item
24 sharpened #2 pencils (to share)
Erasers (Pink Pearl® type)
1 Box of 24 Crayons
Colored Pencils
Markers (water-soluble)
6 glue sticks
1 glue bottle
2 pocket folders (pocket at the bottom)
Plastic zip-lock pouch (no pencil boxes)
1 Backpack (standard)
1 Large box of tissue to share
1 Container of Sanitizing Wipes (to share)
1 pump size bottle hand sanitizer (to share)
1 Package sticky notes (3x3 inch or smaller), prefer Post-It®
1 Box of zip top bags (any size)
1 Composition Book (sewn/taped spine)
1 yellow highlighter pen
  • Donations of sticky notes, white copy paper, and index cards are always greatly appreciated.

    Please remember to replenish supplies throughout the year as needed.  (Glue sticks and pencils go fast!)

    The Renton School District provides instructional materials such as textbooks, workbooks, reference materials, and a variety of miscellaneous supplies. Families in the Renton School District are expected to provide the basic school supplies.

    Please write your student’s name on personal items such as backpacks, coats, hats etc...