• Technology for Student Learning

     Renton School District Vision for Digital Learning:

    Using technology intentionally and innovatively leads to greater equity and achievement for all students by:

    • increasing rigorous learning opportunities
    • enhancing authentic learning environments
    • providing differentiated and personalized learning
    • supporting collaboration, productivity, and creativity
    • providing opportunities to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills

    This ensures high quality instruction and learning for every child, every day in every environment and advances our goals of achievement, college and career readiness, and equity and access.

    Please access more information/support through the following links:


    1:1 Program

    In partnership with the Renton community, the Renton School District proudly provides all middle school students (in 2018-19) and high school students (one pilot in 2018-19, all schools in 2019-20) with their own device which allows students to access to digital resources when and where they need them. Students have a direct connection to powerful learning tools, to resources for collaboration, productivity, and creation, and to increased learning opportunities. We believe in the potential of every single one of our students and are looking forward to seeing how they use the resources to drive their learning and grow as members of the Renton community as well as the increasingly interconnected world.

    Home access:

    Renton High School students may take their Chromebook home with them each day. Our middle school students began taking their Chromebooks home with them in January of 2019. Access and activity on school district-provided devices is filtered and monitored. Learn more about internet filtering and categories of allowed/blocked content by grade band.

    If students need WiFi access at home to support learning, they will be provided a WiFi hotspot. (Please make a request through the school's main office.)

    Additionally, high school students attending schools that are not yet 1:1 may request a laptop for home use through our Computer Access Program (forms are available at the main office at each school). Please notify the Technology Resource Specialist at the school to receive a device through CAP.

    RSD Staff can view more information on our 1:1 Program procedures on RSDnet. For more information, login to the RSD Login Portal, go to Documents on the Technology Services site, and select the 1:1 Procedures notebook.

Two students receiving Chromebooks
Student using Chromebook
Student using Chromebook
Students receiving Chromebooks
Student using Chromebook
students receiving chromebooks